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Our Launching

On 19 September 2021, we had our organization launching event held at Pengadegan, Jakarta Selatan. In total, we had succesfully planted 25 buckets of Eco-Enzyme, consisting 100 litres each. Therefore, we are in a process of making around 2500 litres of Eco-Enzyme. The process was set to finish on 19 December 2021. 

Sammy speech.jpeg

Opening Speech by Sammy

Our founder, Sammy Aula, gave a wonderful speech to the people in Pengadegan, emphasizing his enthusiasm and commitment in starting this organization. 

Speech by Pak Saparno

Pak Saparno, who is an urban farming enthusiast, expressed his feelings, showing how thankful he is that we are making this organization. 

Pak Saparno speech.jpeg

Labelling Eco-Enzyme 

Our team labelled 25 buckets of Eco-Enzyme in total. Each bucket consists of water, brown sugar and organic fruits. 

Official Launching

Sammy and Pak Saparno agreed on the launching of this organization and they are willing to work together to achieve their mission.

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